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Welcome to Clifton School

Clifton,situated in the beautiful suburb of Morningside in Durban,is an independent boys day school offering a world-class,holistic education from Grade R through to Matric that caters specifically to the development of boys into responsible,confident and competent young men. Clifton boys share an uncompromising belief in the power of family values. They thrive on competition,delight in discovery,exercise compassion and are courageous in their choices.

Fraudulent Vacancy Advertisements

It has come to our attention that someone has orchestrated a campaign of (a form of) identity theft, directed at our school, wherein false vacancy advertisements for Clifton School are being published on a site called, which links to an international chain - These are being linked to a variety of sites.

These adverts are completely made up and, although posted as Clifton School - Morningside, have not come from anyone at Clifton.

Clifton School only advertises vacancies on our school website and on the ISASA website. Any vacancy adverts found anywhere else have not come from the school and are false.