Clifton Centenary 2024

To the Clifton community Clifton School will be celebrating its Centenary in 2024 – 100 years since Harry Stubbs opened the doors of his preparatory school from his home on Lambert Road on Tuesday, 5 February.

Earlier this year, we launched our two-year countdown to 2024 with a teaser campaign urging all Old Boys, Staff and Clifton families to “meet us under the bell” for the Centenary.

The Centenary Steering Committee was convened two years ago already and is continually laying plans for a year of celebration in 2024, pivoted on our ‘Centenary Festival’ from 5 – 9 February.

The Centenary year will be a celebration of the journey that the school has travelled from a humble 14 boys in one building on an acre of land to an institution that provides thirteen years of education across a modern campus that is expanding its facilities to a whole block of Morningside.

Significantly, the Centenary will also be about looking to the future – to the next hundred years. Increasingly the school is going to rely on our growing Old Boy network and benefactors whose generous support of the Clifton Foundation will ensure that we continue to raise men of character for a future world and whose identity is rooted in humility, respect, and care.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Clifton to celebrate one hundred years of this fine institution.

Shaun McCabe