Clifton Online

Clifton staff and boys have embraced online learning during the Coronavirus pandemic and are well-prepared.

The Foundation Phase

Boys in the Foundation Phase began Term 2 receiving work from their teachers in the form of videos and workbooks.

As they progressed, the boys and staff moved to online lesson time which enabled them to stay connected whilst at home.

The Clifton parents have been incredibly supportive of their boys and our teaching staff throughout the transition to the ‘new normal’.


The Senior Prep Phase

From Grade 5 onwards, Clifton boys have their own i-pads. Having learned how to use these devices during lessons at school, the transition to online learning was easier for them.

Using Microsoft Teams as our chosen platform, our staff were also well-versed in the use of this technology prior to the lockdown.

Guided by our Technology Integrator, teachers developed creative and engaging lessons to keep the boys focused and involved.

The College

Clifton College boys transitioned easily to the online learning system. Teachers engaged with them via the Teams app from the beginning of Term 2.

The boys showed maturity and the ability to work independently during the online learning programme.

Connecting with teachers has been easy for them and many report that they feel they have gained an advantage with their online programmes.