Clifton boys are able to choose from a variety of clubs and societies that take place as part of the formal school curriculum and in the co-curricular programme. In this way, they are able to experience new challenges and extend their interests in activities that lie well beyond the bounds of the classroom.

Clifton boys may choose one or more of the following:

  • Dramatics/Theatrical Productions
  • Music
  • Chamber Choir
  • Marimba Ensemble
  • College Choir
  • College Orchestra
  • College Art
  • Quizzes and Olympiads
  • Prep Choir
  • Prep Orchestra
  • Photography Society
  • Prep Art Club
  • Spoken Word Society
  • Film Academy
  • Debating
  • Public Speaking


At our Film Academy, boys are taught how to produce their own films and they also record school events. Annually, we host the Clifton Film Festival, where boys from Clifton compete against students from other schools. Ogres (a specially made trophy) are awarded to the winners in various categories.

Visit their YouTube Channel to watch some of the work done by the Film Academy boys.


What is STEAM?
Leonardo Da Vinci was on to something years ago when he stated, “Study the science of art. Study the art of science.” More recently, students and academics at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) have spearheaded the concept of STEAM—which brings the elements of STEM together with arts to guide students’ critical thinking, inquiry, and dialogue. Proponents of STEAM education recognize the importance of creativity and innovation in the future to solve our problems.

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