At the conclusion of the Human Rights Day assembly on Friday, the College boys signed the Clifton Discrimination Proclamation that was formulated by the Transformation and Diversity team.

Afterwards, the proclamation plaque was unveiled in the Mitchell Square by Mr Knowles and Head Boy, George Tattari. Mrs Dlamini referred to the journey of transformation and diversity at Clifton and congratulated the boys for their bravery and commitment to the process.

The Clifton Transformation and Diversity Team is made up as follows:

Transformation and Diversity Committee

Nokukhanya Dlamini: Race Relations and Disability Desk
Barbara Wahlberg: Gender Desk
Nontando Gumede: Religion and Institutional Culture Desk
Karl Bresler: Staff Development Desk
Don Fletcher: Overseer

Student Diversity Committee

Luca Economou: Transformation Prefect 2021
George Tattari: Head Boy 2021
Mayenzeke Faya, Armaan Latoo, Vyal Ramlall, Abhay Singh, Mikka Spurrett



As a Clifton Gentleman, I acknowledge that we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such.
I understand that no act of discrimination will be tolerated in this school.
I will not stand silent in the face of acts of discrimination.
I understand that privilege can obscure my views.
I will listen to, and empathise with, people who do not share the same privileges as I might be fortunate enough to have.
As a gentleman, I will not allow misogyny to impact my treatment of women.
I recognise that society is unfair to women and I commit myself to strive for gender equality.
I understand that sexuality is not a choice and I will respect other people’s personal choices and constitutional rights.
I will strive to be inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community and I condemn the use of homophobic slurs.
I will respect the beliefs and religions of others and will not be dismissive of the beliefs of others.
I accept that people of colour are disadvantaged in today’s society.
I will not contribute to, or participate in, the discrimination, prejudice, appropriation, and perpetuation of racial stereotypes that plague our world.
As a Clifton Gentleman, I will strive to eradicate discriminatory attitudes and actions from our lives.
I understand that discrimination is not always obvious; it can manifest in many forms and I commit to ensuring that I am educated about this and that I am willing to improve myself.