Our core values include a commitment to a Christian ethos embracing diversity, respect, and courtesy for all. We prioritize service to our wider community and maintain the highest standards of rigor in all our endeavours. We strongly believe in the power of family values and the unity of the Clifton Family we represent.


At Clifton, we foster an environment where every boy is encouraged to reach his full potential in all aspects of school life. Our students embrace healthy competition, appreciate the value of participation, and find joy in discovering new knowledge and experiences. We emphasize the importance of compassion, encouraging our boys to show kindness and understanding towards others. They are also encouraged to make brave choices and approach challenges with courage. Above all, we cultivate a culture of humility, where our students learn the importance of modesty and respect.


Clifton boys embody a deep sense of pride in their South African heritage, carrying with them the determination to excel on a global scale. They understand that success is not merely measured by personal achievements but by the positive impact they make in the world. Guided by our school motto, “Prodesse Quam Conspici” which translates to “To Accomplish Rather Than Be Conspicuous,” our boys embrace a philosophy of action and substance over superficial recognition.