The arts have been an inseparable part of the human journey; indeed, we depend on the arts to carry us toward the fullness of our humanity. We value them for themselves, and because we do, we believe knowing and practising them is fundamental to the healthy development of our children’s minds and spirits. That is why, in any country, the arts are inseparable from the very meaning of the term ‘education.’

At Clifton, we recognise the importance of encouraging participation in and appreciation for The Arts. To this end, a wide variety of opportunities exist for each boy to find a niche for self-expression and a chance to explore his creativity.


The Clifton School of Music offers individual tuition in a wide range of brass, string, percussion and woodwind instruments as well as in piano and voice. Subject music is also available in the Senior Preparatory School and the College. Our choir and our musicians perform regularly on a variety of stages.